Graduates of 8th and 9th grade – the Ayanot Youth Village is calling you!

Are you looking to study in a unique environment that leads to success?

At Ayanot you will find a unique and innovative high school that will lead you towards the professions of the future – come be a part of the path to success.


At Ayanot you will find:

A unique and individual education program in select subjects: medicine, science, film, zoology and more.

An individualized education program with lots of support.

25 pupils in the class – focused individualized attention

Lots of extra-curricular activities at no extra charge

Tutoring at no extra charge

Cultural and recreational activities

For more information:

Office: 08-9303600

Chani: 08-9303613

    שם (חובה)

    דואר אלקטרוני (חובה)

    טלפון (חובה)


    תוכן ההודעה

    For the public transport to Ayanot Click here

    Registration takes place on Tuesdays between 9:30-14:00 with prior coordination with Chani.

    Pupils must come with at least one parent and bring with them:

    Report cards for the last two years

    Reports from any educational testing

    Identity card of one of the parents in which the pupil appears

    Passport picture

    Letter from doctor regarding medical status

    Cost including testing – 50 NIS (non-refundable)

    For more information contact Chani at 08-9303613 or emal:


    The registration process takes approximately 3 hours.