At the beginning of the third millennium, biology is at the forefront of scientific research and it touches every area of our lives. Together with major breakthroughs in biological research, there are also ethical and social questions that should be considered by every citizen.

Why study biology?

  • Because it’s fascinating!
  • Because it’s it about life
  • Because it is relevant to the scientific- technological world
  • Because it is one of the most sought-after professions in higher education – 25 point bonus
  • Because future technologies are based on biology – gene therapy, biotechnology, genetic engineering, stem cells



A core program that includes studying the systems of the human body, chapters in ecology, in cell structure of animals and plants, expanded studies in the fields of bacteria, viruses, reproduction and hereditary.


In addition to frontal learning, studies include independent and guided laboratory experiments, acquaintance with modern instrumentation, use of audiovisual and computerized means, and reading and analysis of scientific articles. Students carrying out personal projects have at their disposal the laboratories and facilities of Ayanot’s farm.

Matriculation Exam

Theoretical 55%, laboratory, 15%, personal project 30%.