International diplomacy and communication is an innovative track which is taught in English. In the framework of this track, students will develop high-level English skills, beyond the required level of 5 units in terms of their abilities to express themselves verbally and in writing and read complex texts. Likewise, they will develop skills such as interpersonal communication, critical and creative thinking, leadership skills, negotiation, conflict resolution and translation. These are assets that will benefit the students in their personal lives in the present and in their work lives in the future.

Studies will take place in an experiential and active manner utilizing workshops, roleplaying, simulations, discussions, group work, fostering teamwork, guest lecturers, and collaboration with other schools in Israel and around the world.

The track at the Ayanot Youth Village is comprised of Na’ale students and Israeli students, creating a multi-cultural setting which invites discussion and English studies with students from all over the world.


  • Communication skills (foundation studies) – the foundation curriculum focuses on the following topics: diplomacy, multi-culturalism, the power of storytelling, media and international relations. Students will learn and practice discussion and speaking skills, leadership skills and teamwork.
  • Conflict management and resolution – during the course of their studies students will be exposed to a variety of factors that underly conflicts. The learning and research process will include theoretical elements, and analysis and creation of scenarios. In their practical studies, students will learn to mediate, manage and settle disputes. In addition, they will participate in a variety of community-social activities outside of school during which they will be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired.