This track introduces students to the fields of construction and design and provides them with the tools for professional development in one of the leading, economically rewarding and creative industries. Studies begin in 10th grade and end at the end of 12th grade. The track is considered a technological track, it allows the students to study 10 units and earn a full matriculation certificate as well as a technological certificate. At Ayanot, the track focuses on green building and sustainability alongside the traditional studies of the architecture track.

For whom is the track intended?

The track is intended for creative high school students who like to plan and design while applying and learning advanced technologies.

Why is it worthwhile to study in this track?

Study in this track allows students to experience building a structure, while using design tools and diverse innovative technologies including contemporary drafting and modeling software. In parallel, to their practical studies, students study the theoretical foundation of engineering or of architecture and design.


Familiarity with the world of design and construction. Study of relevant theoretical content. Study of advanced software, practical workshops in building design in an on-line environment. For those specializing in architecture – experiences in architectural and interior design. For those specializing in construction engineering – experiences in construction engineering design. Architectural tours.


As graduates…

Graduates of the track earn a matriculation certificate and can continue their education at institutions of higher education. Those graduates choosing to study civil engineering and architecture may receive exemptions from certain courses and bonuses based on their track studies in accordance with the policies of the educational institutions.

Graduates may also continue their studies for the degrees of practical engineer in construction or in architecture.